6   Investing Basics on Empire Avenue Gamified Social Media Account Management

6 Investing Basics on Empire Avenue Gamified Social Media Account Management

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What is SEO and How It Works? – SEO Tutorial P1

What is SEO and How It Works? – SEO Tutorial P1

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Hi welcome to this video series where I explain how you can SEO your website.
What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization consist on the process of configuring your website so it can achieve better rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo. As a result, you receive more free traffic from them.

What Type of Traffic You Get?

I consider the search engine traffic to be one of the best ones out there. The fact is if you rank your website for the right keywords, you’ll get highly targeted traffic.

In other words, people who are interested in your website’s content, and possibly products or services.

What’s a Keyword?

A keyword is anything that you type into the search box so you can find more information. For instance:

– What is SEO?
– Best prices for PC
– How to bake a chocolate cake?

What Makes a Good Keyword?

Not all keywords are created equally. I mean, some keywords have more searches than others. Typically, the broader the term more people you have searching for it. For example:

Keyword, “Apples” is broader than “Apples and Oranges.” For this reason, it has more people searching for Apples and other search phrases that contain the word Apple within it.

In most cases, the broader the term the more competition it has. This includes websites that have been around for ages, have tones of pages, backlinks and Google trusts them.

If you are starting a new website you can’t simply expect to compete with them, why?

1 st – Your website is new and Google doesn’t trust new websites.
2 nd – You don’t have many pages, nor backlinks, nor nothing!

For this reason, it’s far easier for you to go after keywords with far less competition. More commonly, this are keywords which have also less traffic. However, less traffic doesn’t mean they aren’t profitable to rank for!

This means, you have websites that are highly influential on Google

Where Should You Place Your Main Keyword?

You should always place your most important keywords in the meta title and url of a particular page. These places are the ones that Google gives the most importance.


How Does Google Rank a Website?

The search engines have robots that roam around the Internet going from one website page to another. They search for keywords within the content of the website to figure what it is about.

Afterward, depending on the authority of that website on the Internet and how well that website’s page is SEO, they rank it where it belongs in their search engine page results.

What is SEO and How It Works? – http://youtu.be/XwjWFMMy4as

Time Management Tips // How to Get Organized for School/College!

Time Management Tips // How to Get Organized for School/College!

Hello guys! With this video I show you how to manage your time in an effective way for school or college; how to get the most out of your planner or agenda and how to coordinate tasks, assignements to reach maximum productivity!

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Get More Stuff Done in Less Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4S1l_u287I

Appsademia’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5sh13pNb2prpLTNW79v1DQ
My planner is my holy grail on time management. Being able to see my week planned before my eyes really helps me organize my tasks and set achievable goals. A planner is a great tool for time management since it lets you break down big assignments into small tasks. For example, if you have to write an essay on a Friday, you can break down your task each day to maximize your productivity and creativity. For example, you can decide to make research for your essay on Monday, make an introduction and the first draft on Tuesday, write the main thesis statement on Wednesday and polish everything by Thursday! That leaves you with a large amount of time to study for other subjects and tackle other assignments.
Also, a planner spread is the perfect way to incorporate your to-do lists in a realistic, academic environment. When you face all your mandatory obligations, you have to visually manage to write down your tasks on the space you have available – and that actually translates into real life. When I write lists in my planner, I like to use a bullet system and organize my tasks with symbols, using a triangle for priority tasks and a circle for non-priority tasks.
A planner is also great to keep track of your goals. Writing weekly and monthly goals in your planner pages is instant motivation and works as an inspiration boost for the year ahead. Also, when looking back, you can keep track of all the goals you have achieved so far, which is a healthy way to keep motivated. Don’t forget to set achievable and realistic goals. Setting an unrealistic goal is one of the worst mistakes any student can make.
Coordinating weekly, monthly and yearly overviews is also a good way to organize your academic life. I like to write in my monthly spreads my most important assignments as well as signalling specials weeks where I’m going to study a lot more, or I’m not going to be available for studying, which lets me organize my study sessions at a better pace.
Finally, you need how to use your planner with intelligence while maximizing its abilities as an organization and productivity tool. First of all, you should write in your planner all of your unavoidable tasks – that means things like mandatory classes and things that you are determined to accomplish. From the moment you ink your assignements on your planner, you get a motivation boost to tackle them. That means that when you write with your best fineliners that you need to go the gym on tusdays and Fridays, you will feel much more inspired to do so.
When you finish writing all the major tasks you can’t avoid, start to fill the time you have available with meaningful, productive activities. Instead of writing that you will “study” during the afternoon, describe all of the tasks you need to do, as detailed as possible. For example, write “study chapter 1”, solve exercises from page 45 or “create a comparison chart for chapter 12”.
Don’t spend an entire week studying for the same class. Overlapping different subjects is great for your memory and is an instant flexibility boost for your mind. Don’t study for the same class more than 2 days straight, and, if possible, study a little bit for each class, every day. Try to schedule study sessions no longer than 45 to 1 hour min for each class and then mix and match them at your leisure. You can do a 45 min study session on maths, then one 45 min on English and another 45 min on math again, for example.

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Search Engine Optimization tutorial : Here are the magic words

Search Engine Optimization tutorial : Here are the magic words

801-201-7575 We will help you with any business.
Check Out Your Competitors
Search for your keywords and check out the pages that rank highly. How many times is the keyword used in the text? How is the title tag written? Which keywords are in the URL?

You can also see how many inbound links your competitors have. On Yahoo, enter the text link:www.(nameofsite).com and youll see all inbound links to that page. Those same sites may also be willing to link to you. If multiple pages ranked in the top 10 have links from similar sites, go after getting those links first those sites are probably trusted sources.
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Get Your New Site Noticed
Google will eventually find your new website, but you can speed up the process. The best way is to get inbound links from trusted sites; when Google crawls those sites it will follow that link to your site and youll get noticed.

You can also submit your site directly to Google for crawling. Using the basic Site Submit can take months; a better approach is to submit your site at Googles Webmaster Central. Youll have to add a small piece of code to your sites HTML code so Google can verify you are the owner of your site, so your programmer may need to help you. (The process only takes a few minutes, though.) Your pages will then be crawled and hopefully indexed in days instead of weeks or months.

Yahoo also has a site submit process. Search submit site on Yahoo and you can get details on free site submissions as well as paid submissions and submissions to the Yahoo Directory.

Above All, Consider Your Visitors
Google looks at a variety of factors for ranking your pages. Content is important, but dont add new content just to get Google to visit.

Why? Your site needs to provide good resources for your visitors. Build your site for your audience and youll naturally get free website traffic

This vid is all about how to dominate google with magic keywords

Top 10 Hotel Management Tips for Managers in the Hospitality Industry

Top 10 Hotel Management Tips for Managers in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel managers have the task of ensuring customers are satisfied and overseeing all of the different activities and departments of a hotel: banquet hall, restaurant, conference center, tourist attraction, fitness center, spa/wellness center, and more.

Here are the Top 10 Tips for Managing a Hotel:

10. Build and lead a great team. As a hotel manager, you are only as good as the team around you. That is why forming and fostering a great team is of utmost importance.

Focus on developing a company culture that reflects the goals of the company. Connect with workers and be present in the life of the hotel. As a manager, a compliment and a smile go a long way to developing a positive team environment.

9. Always learning and improving. Hotel managers are often a jack-of-all-trades because their position forces them to be: business manager, recruiter, teacher, trainer, cleaner, crowd controller, bartender, the list goes on!
8. Greet your guests.
The classic rock song Hotel California’s lyrics captures the power of a good first impression of a hotel manager, “There she stood in the doorway // I heard the mission bell // And I was thinking to myself // This could be Heaven or this could be Hell.”

7. Be Prepared for Emergencies.

The Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System

Because the availability of electricity is not always an option during these situations, it is important to have a communication channel that is not dependent on electricity. A battery-powered Portable Public Address System is the perfect option.
The Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System from AmpliVox allows users to communicate over a mile and to an audience of up to 5,000 people, while the Safety Strobe Megaphone will record your emergency message and play it back amplified.

6. Strategic Business Relationships.

Whether it be offering guests coupons to a local restaurant, offering discounts through tourist destinations, or partnering with local universities and corporations, strategic business relationships can be a powerful way to ensure a constant stream of people are coming through your doors.
5. Be internet savvy. There are several reasons why hotel and restaurant management professionals need to be web savvy.

1. Hotel Marketing: All hoteliers want to know how to better market and brand themselves.
Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube is great way to connect with potential customers. An example of a useful YouTube video is to make a two-minute video that captures the top 5 reasons your hotel rocks!
Make your website locally optimized for search. This is an easy way to connect your hotel to those looking for a hotel in your specific area. Submitting your hotel’s address and website on Google Maps and Places will pay dividends for years to come.

2. Customer Service: More and more hotel reservations are booked online. For the convenience of your guests, offer online booking, and make sure your hotel is listed on sites like Expedia, Kayak, and Priceline. Connect your hotel management system to your online booking program and you are able to automatically build an email list for email marketing.

3. Reputation Management: Often times a small fraction of customers who had a bad experience are more likely to write a negative review than the overwhelming majority who had a great experience. This can pose to be a problem for those in hotel and tourism management.

4. Have the right equipment. Hotels need to have the right hotel supplies to be able to maintain their business and daily activities. It is important to have a hotel management software systems, transportation for airport shuttles, the right lecterns and podiums in your conference room, and the right public address systems within the hotel.

The Victoria Solid Hardwood Multimedia Lectern from AmpliVox is the perfect addition to any meeting or conference room. The classic style, multimedia functionality, optional built-in sound system, and portability makes the Victoria a favorite among hoteliers and presenters alike.

3. Boundaries.
2. The customer is always right. Always! Listen to complaints and don’t just fix them, fix the root problem behind them. Turn the weakness into a strength by using the complaint as an opportunity to improve the way your hotel functions. Do everything you can to turn an upset guest’s problem into a good story they will want to share of how you went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their good experience.
1. Have fun! As a manager, it may seem like you have a never ending list of things to do. Enjoy your guests, enjoy your staff, and enjoy your work.

What Is a Stakeholder in Project Management? : Marketing Tips

What Is a Stakeholder in Project Management? : Marketing Tips

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A stakeholder plays a very important role in any project management situation. Learn what a stakeholder is in regards to project management with help from a social media manager and brand designer in this free video clip.

Expert: Phil Pallen
Filmmaker: Blyth Kemp

Series Description: The key difference between a good business and a great one is the marketing strategies that each company uses to further themselves. Get key marketing tips with help from a social media manager and brand designer in this free video series.

Search Engine Optimization – WordPress Tutorial Video 44 of 62

Search Engine Optimization – WordPress Tutorial Video 44 of 62

This video tutorial describes search engine optimization using WordPress and it is the 1st part of the tutorial.
Our set of advanced WordPress training videos discuss more of these topics. For watching all intro and basic WordPress videos for free, you can visit our entire training library at:


WordPress started its journey as an open source blogging tool but now it has become more popular as a content management system (CMS). WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL. It is recommended to complete HTML, PHP/MySQL courses before going into advanced WordPress development techniques. WordPress has really changed the way we do web development. WordPress’s content management system makes it easy for developers to create rich and interactive websites. WordPress basically provides us themes and framework which help us to reduce coding effort. WordPress also comes with library of plugins. These themes and plugins take care of most of the coding for us. As a result, web developers can save a lot of coding time and focus more into the design concepts. WordPress do not require any knowledge of programming languages and non-technical people are able to create web pages with the help of WordPress. WordPress is a free tool but WordPress training courses are pretty expensive. Erudeversity likes to keep the training part free as well. WordPress aimed to create a free platform for everyone, but getting proper training lessons in using WordPress has not been as easy. Our free WordPress Training course discusses all basic and advanced concepts including WordPress installation, understanding WordPress settings, toolbar, WordPres site configuration, profile settings, creating posts and pages, html editor, adding media in WordPress, WordPress menu and widgets, plugins, categories, user permissions, customizing WordPress themees with PHP/HTML, social media integration, E-Commerce plugins, search engine optimization, and mobile plugins. At the end, we give you a walkthrough on how to publish your first WordPress site. Now everyone can become a Pro web developer.

Four Tips To Help With Your Social Media Management

Four Tips To Help With Your Social Media Management

Okay, I often hear from people that their find social media to be a bit of a chore, sometimes having to post or schedule regular content can be difficult. So these four tactics will help the social media aspect of your work to become far more interesting and make it less of a chore.
The first one is have some form of schedule. Now, with social media, because you’re regularly adding content, you need to find a way to schedule it within your day. Even if you’re doing social media all day long, it’s still a good idea to break up certain sections in your day in which you er write, develop and indeed actually post updates on your social media.
So set up a schedule, this will stop you having situation where you get to the end of the day and you think “oh my god” I haven’t done a post on Facebook, I haven’t been on Twitter today etc. And actually a lot of mediums that you can use to post across multiple accounts, something like Hootsuite or Socialoomph, they do actually have calendars on there, so it is quite easy to see where the gaps are in your posting strategy.
Okay so the second thing to consider is don’t be overwhelmed by social media: Now if you’re posting for your business, it is quite easy to feel really overwhelmed and restricted by the amount of social media posting that you need to do. If you need to tweet several times a day for it to work and you’re struggling with that, then it’s not a good idea to keep going on that path. It is probably better to reduce what you’re doing but do it more effectively, so let’s say you’re writing two blogs a week and you’re really struggling to come out with content, all the blogs are five hundred the words long, make them smaller or do fewer of them.

It is better to do good content less often than rubbish content all the time, so don’t be overwhelmed by it, you’ll be surprised how much people on social media feel overwhelmed, and if you do feel overwhelmed, it will come across what you’re putting there, you want the content to feel natural and to be interesting and if it isn’t because you’re overwhelmed all the time you’re not going to do yourself any favours, so do less and do it more effectively.
Number three is use statistics. Every social media channel has a way of understanding what is and isn’t working for your business,. You can look at the amount of engagement, who’s liking what you do, who’s sharing it, who’s commenting on it. If you have three or four different social media channels that you’re using and you discover that two are working well and two aren’t, focus on the two that aren’t and either change them or to completely scrap them. It’s better to do two or three channels well than have three or four and have a couple that aren’t working. So use the statistics to help you understand which channel benefits you, you’ll be surprised, for some companies, Pinterest will be amazing for them, for others it won’t, equally for some businesses, Facebook is really good, for other businesses it just doesn’t work. So don’t feel bad and feel that you have to make a particular channel work, just find the ones than works for you and put your efforts into that.
Number four is pass it around. So don’t be afraid within your business to get other people’s opinion on your social media, you might find some people think it’s not very good, or that they’ve got ideas that you can employ on social media that you haven’t thought about. Just because you’re in marketing, you’re in charge of your social media strategy doesn’t mean to say that this person in Accounts or this person in IT can’t come up with some good ideas. Equally you might find that out of office hours they are an absolute Whiz kid on a particular social media channel. They may even have more experience than you and understands what does and doesn’t work. So it’s a good idea to share ideas.
Equally if you’ve written a blog and you’re not sure whether the quality is up to scratch, why not show it to someone else in your office that you don’t normally show your content to. They might give it the thumbs up or they might come up with other ideas to make it a bit more zingy and make it work for your business. So never be afraid to share your content or to share ideas and pool resources.
Now if you’re working for a small business or if you’re a one man band, then why not speak to your peers, speak to your friends other business owners. Maybe if you go to a regular networking group like BNI for example, speak to other people within that business to try and galvanize some ideas from them. It’s a really good way of pooling resources and you often that by discussing things you come up with more ideas rather than sitting in your room on your own, tearing your hair out, because you can’t think of what to post.

Kinds of (Search Engine Optimization) SEO (Bangla video Tutorial)

Kinds of (Search Engine Optimization) SEO (Bangla video Tutorial)

http://www.vesperbd.com – I will cover SEO techniques that you can use TODAY that will increase your search engine ranking. I will go over the definition of search engine optimization, organic results, competition research, competition analysis, on page & off page optimization, Meta tags, header tags, keyword density, URLs, site maps, xml site maps, google webmaster tools, link development, directory submission, local directories, online yellow pages, one-way links, two-way links, three-way links, article submission, rss feed distribution, blog submission, and online press release optimization

5   Dividends on Empire Avenue Gamified Social Media Account Management

5 Dividends on Empire Avenue Gamified Social Media Account Management

This video series is primarily intended for new users. If you would like an invite you can use my link http://bit.ly/EmpireAveInvite or simply go to Empire Avenue directly.

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I cover some video tips, wordpress related tips covering themes and plugins and general useful tips for doing things on the internet as well. I also cover a handful of new media conferences and work with very early startups.

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SEO Optimization – Search Engine Optimization and Marketing SEM Tutorial

SEO Optimization – Search Engine Optimization and Marketing SEM Tutorial

SEO Optimization – Search Engine Optimization and Marketing SEM Tutorial
What is search engine marketing (SEM)? What is search engine optimisation (SEO)? How do I promote my website? Do I have to outsource to a consultant or is that going to harm my site since they’re all spammers anyway?

There is a lot of helpful information, as well as a lot of misinformation, floating around regarding search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). First of all, let’s start with the names: SEO stands for search engine optimisation (or optimization if you’re from the States). In its simplest form SEO is the process of tailoring a website (text, titles, meta tags, alt tags, etc) so that the search engines will assign a good rank to the site for specific search terms.

But with the advent of search engines introducing fees for guaranteed inclusion in their indices, directories charging for reviews and the emergence of PPC listings, SEO now has an element of media buying mixed in. Thus, thanks to Danny Sullivan, it has now been called search engine marketing or SEM (you can still call it SEO if you want).

The SEM Guide is meant to be both a tutorial and a general information resource. I am not selling or promoting anything (other than best practices). I have done SEO / SEM for 5 years and started this site as a way to organise my bookmarks and the information I had collected over the years. If you frequent other prominent SEM resources you’ll find that this tutorial, like most search engine promotion sites, tends to go over the same ground. This is because THERE ARE NO SECRETS to successful search engine positioning – just experience, a lot of research and tons of hard work.

If you don’t have the time to do it yourself get some expert help. But if you want to try your hand at promoting your own web site or you just want a better insight into how it should be done take the search engine marketing tutorial by following the steps.

The SEM Guide covers other subjects that are not included in the step-by-step tutorial so be sure to check out the side and top menus where every page of the site is listed. Now, on with the search engine marketing tutorial:

SEM GUIDE First Step: Do Your Market Research First


I created this site in 2002, a lifetime ago as far as search engine marketing is concerned. Although the basics of content and optimisation still rings true today there are quite a few pages that are now outdated, specifically with regards to submitting to search engines. I have been meaning to give the site an update for ages but just haven’t found the time so I have decided to start a blog for up to the minute search engine optimisation, online marketing and link building techniques. You’re more than welcome to take the guided tour and the hard and fast rules still apply today as much as they did in 2003 but if you want the latest info head over to the Search Engine Marketing Blog. See you there!

Time Management Tips And Tools

Time Management Tips And Tools

Download my free Time Management Tools to help you get focused at: http://www.chalenejohnson.com/laserfocus-y

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In this video Chalene Johnson share 5 tips fro getting Laser Focused in life. If you are curious how to get more focused then check out this video and download the free training at http://www.chalenejohnson.com/laserfocus-y

Notes from The Chalene Show Podcasts:

In this episode we talk about a total reset of your time management. So what does it mean to reset your time management? We always seems to struggle with not having enough time in our day, even when we are organized. I actually find that those who are the most organized tend to struggle with this the most. I think this is because we are really good at putting new things to our plate. We end our days feeling exhausted from everything we did, but also feel like there is SO much we didn’t even get to!

The reality is that we are bombarded with every distraction possible. Between facebook, twitter, periscope, instagram, phone calls, text messages, emails, etc, its no wonder we struggle to stay productive. Your brain is constantly multitasking. Even when the phone isn’t near by. It’s time for all of us to re-set! We need to refocus. The first step is to admit that you need to re-set. The second step is determining what your Achilles heel is. What is the primary task that pulls you away from the important thing your supposed to be doing? Then I want you to determine a time to create a to-do list. This can be in the morning or at night. But the point is to schedule it and stick to that schedule. I personally write mine in the morning, but some people like to write theirs at night because they find they can fall asleep easier. Next I want you take that full to-do list and drop it down to just 3 things that you MUST do. Decreasing your list down to the three primary things helps you feel that feeling of accomplishment. If you get to those other things, great!

You and I are the same. We have the same struggles. And that’s why I love sharing my solutions with you! Because I know that if it helped me, it’s going to help you! Focus is an area that I struggle with, and I know you do to. That’s why I’ve put together a free program to re-set your focus. Just go to http://www.chalenejohnson.com/laserfocus-y to get my audio program that teaches you the systems to get more focused so you can do more in less time.

Create and Submit Sitemap//Search Engine Optimization bangla tutorialPART-16

Create and Submit Sitemap//Search Engine Optimization bangla tutorial\PART-16

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i work India government computer online turning center my work services 10 year 6 month and i works o desk account my works data entry s e o graphs etc

Instagram Filters | Social Media Tip of the Day

Instagram Filters | Social Media Tip of the Day


Instagram filters are a great tool for quickly making any picture look great. Besides the standard “looks,” Instagram also gives you the ability to fine tune your image with various exposure and color adjustments. The easy to use interface allows users to post a much higher quality image.

For more tips of the day, visit our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/KWSocialMedia. If you have any questions you want us to answer, email us: tips@katiewagnersocialmedia.com.

Katie Wagner Social Media is a unique media agency made up of former journalists. We are all professional storytellers, and we specialize in helping you engage your target audience on social media. Our services include both social media management, content creation, website design & content optimization.

These days, there are a lot of companies that promise to help with your social presence. They all talk about tweets and status updates, but how will they accurately represent YOU? How will they tell your story online?

We do it by getting to know you and getting involved with your company. We want to be part of your team; and we take that responsibility seriously. We get to know your staff, attend your events, and keep up with relevant news in your industry.

We also create content – uncovering the stories behind what you do everyday. We use photos and videos to tell those stories. We issue press releases and write blog posts. We are a team of journalists covering your business and sharing it with the people you want to know about you.

Be Fearless. Get Social.

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Ano ang Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? – Filipino Tutorial

Ano ang Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? – Filipino Tutorial

Ang Philippines SEO industry ay patuloy na lumalaki. Sa video na ito ay matutunan ninyo ang mga basic na konsepto sa search engine optimization o SEO.

Ito ang proseso nang pag-iimpluwensiya ng mga resulta sa mga search engine katulad ng Google, Yahoo, at Bing. Ang pinaka-layunin ng SEO ay ang maging una sa mga resulta para sa mga search term na may kinalaman sa webpages na nais mong i-promote. Kapag ang iyong webpage ay nakalista unang-una sa isang search term, malaki ang tyansa na ang iyong webpage ang unang i-cliclick ng isang searcher.

Stress Management for A Social Media Marketer

Stress Management for A Social Media Marketer

*Stress Management For A Social Marketer*
Mobile viewers: http://youtu.be/VdOvXg9q70Q
This week I’m joined in studio by my lovely and beautiful wife +Erica Harman who, for the past year and a half, has shown me how to de-stress my life by using some simple techniques.

As a business owner, you know what it’s like dealing with stress and anxiety.  Will that potential client sign up? Can I meet my goals for the month?

All of these are legitimate concerns with individual business owners.  We want to show you some little things you can do to help you enjoy yourself after you shut down for the day.

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The Relationship Manifesto is available for your pre -order today!  Grab your copy of how you can learn to be a hero to one individual at a time and capture the magic of social through one simple tip here:  http://www.wadeharman.com/rmbook

If you RSVP, comment, or simply engage on this event page I will assume that you will want invited to the future shows.  If this is something you would rather opt out of, let me know!

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