Complete Off page Optimization / Link Building Tutorial – Off Page SEO Part 3

Complete Off page Optimization / Link Building Tutorial – Off Page SEO Part 3

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Web Directory DMOZ –
how to do effective link building to increase the popularity of our site, so called as off page SEO.
1. Create business page on popular social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterst etc
2. Create community/group on popular social media sites. This is also known as reputation Management. This is first and foremost step to initiate link-building process.
3. By doing this, you can extend your network online, get connected with your clients, share things with each other, and promote your company/website to build an online reputation.
This is one of the most powerful ways to promote your company/site online.
1. Write blog of your own for your company with lots of unique content.
2. Be precise in what you are trying to convey for the users in your blog entry and promote your blog in Blog directories and blog search engines
3. You can also promote your blog by commenting on other people’s blog
4. You can call guest writers for your blog or you can be guest blogger for others in your niche.
Create a forum/online discussion board of your own and start a discussion or share topics with your friends. There are several free forum sites.

You can also post /reply to the thread on other service-related pre-existing forums that allow links in your signature which will be crawled by search engines.
Submit your website to the most popular search engine like Google, yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa, Lycos, Excite etc. to get listed for free. Submit your website to the topmost quality directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, ZommInfo, One Mission, Pegasus etc.

Nowadays many web directories may offer paid listing example Yahoo
Social Bookmarking is yet another powerful ways of promoting your website. Since content on these sites update frequently, search engines like such kind of sites and often visits them. Do some social bookmarking in popular sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Propeller etc. This may increase your website traffic based on how effectively you have participated.
Publish your website product pictures and make them public. Let your clients, friends see them and connect to them too, which will help drive traffic towards your website. Do this in major photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Pidi etc

Like with your photo sharing you can publish, share your video products, expert opinions, reviews of your product and make them public in YouTube and on similar sites. By 2014 Video sharing, v-blogs will be big hit!
Write reviews about other business or ask your friends/clients to write review of your business in major business review sites like RateItAll, Shvoong, Kaboodle, Stylefeeder etc.

Instead of going global and facing huge competition, make your website local so that search engines can easily view website and fetch the content. This will help you to reach targeted audience. Submit your website to Google Local, Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Super Pages etc.
Write article making optimum use of your Keywords and submit them to popular article sites like Ezine, Go Articles, Now Public, Buzzle, etc This will help you to attain some deep links for your website.

If you are business provider then go for PR submission in popular PR websites like 1888pressrelease, Open PR, PR Leap etc. This will help you to publish your site on Google News.

Do some classifieds submission to advertise your products for free. Try Craglist and other major classified sites like Kugli, Myspace, IMadeSpace etc. Thank-you!

Enjoy this tutorial and don’t forget to LIKE this video and leave me a comment down below.

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Social Media Business Marketing Tips & Plans

Social Media Business Marketing Tips & Plans

Learn More @ – Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan.
Are you wondering if Social Media is crucial for your company’s overall digital marketing strategy?
Most marketers would answer this with a resounding “YES.”
Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others have become the most popular platforms for consumers and businesses to connect.

However, despite its massive potential to boost traffic, attract new customers and keep existing ones, Social Media marketing can be overwhelming for the average business owner.
Don’t know where to start? We can help.

With our extensive skills and years of experience, we will help you develop a powerful and consistent social strategy that focuses on the wants and needs of your target audience.

Setting up your profiles is just the first piece of the puzzle.
We go the extra mile to help you get more quality Likes, Shares, and Comments to solidify an engagement-driven social presence for years to come.
Contact us today to learn more!
More Information about social media marketing strategy plan:
How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan In 6 Steps…

Aug 4, 2016 – A social media marketing plan is the summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks. This plan should comprise an audit of where your accounts are today, goals for where you want them to be in the near future, and all the tools you want to use to get there.
?Social Media Audit Template. ?How to Set up Facebook … · ?Content Curation

Creating your social media content strategy + plan – Smart Insights …

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch

Jul 16, 2014 – The complete beginner’s guide to creating a social media marketing plan, for those brand new to social media and looking for a straightforward …

Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps | Convince and Convert: Social …
Social media marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to market a product or service. … On a strategic level, social media marketing includes the management of the implementation, … Selection of the potential social networks to use;; Setting out a financial plan (regarding hiring social media brand managers or …
?Social media platforms · ?Strategies · ?Engagement · ?Campaigns

Social marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Social marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to …. In recent years, the concept of strategic social marketing has emerged, which identifies … In 2006, Jupitermedia announced its “Social Marketing” service, with which it aims to enable website owners to profit from social media.

Digital marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital … Using an omni-channel strategy is becoming increasingly important for … To reach the maximum potential of digital marketing, firms use social media as its …. view must be used to unify audience measurement and media planning.

Social media optimization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Free SEO Tutorial 2015 – Comprehensive Hands-on Course

Free SEO Tutorial 2015 – Comprehensive Hands-on Course

In this hour long SEO tutorial we’ll dive into various topics and tips related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as you need to understand it for 2015 / 2016. We’ll talk about website architecture, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, social citations and much more.

This online marketing tutorial is designed to be a crash course in internet marketing that covers everything you need to know to popularize your website (both basic and advanced topics).

Best of all this hands training video hands-on course so we’ll ask that you work along beside us as we use our SEO tools to help optimize a page within your website.

Our Site:
Our Blog:

00:01 – SEO Introduction
01:00 – About Your Teacher
02:23 – SEO Checklist
03:10 – What is SEO & Thinking Like a Search Engine
04:20 – Benefits of SEO
06:18 – Search Engine Optimization is NOT Singular
07:15 – DIY SEO Approach
09:07 – Website Architecture
09:37 – Website Visitor Funnels
11:50 – Website Tiers
12:18 – Link Juice & Page Authority
13:12 – Keyword Research Tools & Planning
13:50 – Data Is Modern Day Alchemy
17:55 – Free SEO Tools
19:41 – SEO Dashboard
19:55 – Keyword Research Tool
20:56 – On-page Optimization
27:57 – Engagement Metrics
30:33 – Rank Tracking
34:10 – Off-page Optimization (Links & Social Citations)
34:29 – Social Citations
36:06 – Getting Backlinks
36:31 – Anchor Text Diversification (Exact Match Keywords)
37:16 – No-Follow & Do-Follow Links (Link Juice)
38:24 – Places to Get Free Links
38:28 – Competitor Backlink Spy Tool (For High Quality Backlinks)
39:35 – Strategies for Link Outreach
43:33 – Social Listening Tools (For Links & Citations)
45:20 – SEO Timelines & Expectations (How Long SEO Takes)
45:54 – Competitor Link Profile (Where You Are In the Race)
46:49 – Search Engine Domain Bias
48:52 – SEO Ideas For Small Sites Just Starting Out
51:33 – Conclusion & Gift!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this comprehensive beginner to advanced SEO tutorial. If you have questions please leave them below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel!

7 Tips For Social Media Managers

7 Tips For Social Media Managers

7 Tricks Every Social Media Manager Needs To Know

7 Tricks Every Social Media Manager Needs To Know

Every day people are sharing more than 200 million tweets and more than 1 billion Facebook posts. Digital marketing is very dynamic and with new trends surfacing practically every day, it can be a challenge to keep up with the new trends. If you are working as a Social Media marketing manager, you know that finding shortcuts can really save a day.

Forget about a creative mess and doing things in the last hour, if you are specialized in Social Media marketing, you’ll have to remember one thing: Being organized is everything.

I’m bringing you seven tricks that can save your time and make your work easier.

Social Media Calendar

If you are working with multiple clients, things can get a little bit harsh. Good Social Media strategy relies on
on analyzing and anticipating your client’s needs and knowing your audience. If you don’t know enough about your clients and your targeted audience, your results on Social Media platforms are not going to be representative.

You need something that is going to help you to have insights in every Social Media strategy that is currently active. Social Media calendar is great way to have overview in all of your Social Media channels and resources and it makes easier to organize them. It can save you hours of work.

If you don’t have time to make your own, there are some excellent Social Media calendars templates to download on the web:

Social Media strategy calendar template
Social Media editorial calendar template
Social Media content calendar template
Blogging calendar template
Brainstorming Software Apps

Brainstorming is a creative method to get great and innovative ideas for you Social Media strategy. It’s energizing and gets you motivated. There are some great brainstorming software apps that you can use to brainstorm quickly and efficiently:

Evernote – free,
SlickPlan – ,99 per month,
Gliffy – ,99 per month.
I surely recommend Evernote. With the slogan: “Remeber everything” is pretty obvious why do they have one hundred million users all around the world. This magnificent app can scan and organize drawings, pencil notes and with their Optical Character Recognition they can even search for bad handwriting.

Get rid of the papers and forget about losing your business ideas.


Copywriting is a topic for a full and very detailed blog post. Right now, we’are going to speak about how to get inspiration to do a great copywriting. There are a lot of Social Media managers that are good at managing and organizing posts, but they struggle with creative writing.

The main secret is really simple: READ a lot AND WRITE even more. Good writing requires the art of you, beauty in your expression, and a variety of styles in your writing.

Try to recognize bad from good and extraordinary copywriting. Write good examples in your One Note and analyze them.

Don’t insist only on one approach. Try to write one copy in a couple of different styles. That is going to be good practice for your writing skills.

Don’t forget that your copy represents your client’s business, and it needs to anticipate his audience preferences.

Adobe Spark/Storytelling

I have included Adobe Spark in the list because this is one of the best resources for storytelling video templates. If you want to tell your story and you want to tell it right, then Adobe Spark is a must. It’s really easy to use and you can make videos like this in 2 minutes.

Brands create stories and stories create brands. The truth is, storytelling has never been bigger.

0 to 7,860 Google Organic How I create content search engines love with YouTube and WordPress

0 to 7,860 Google Organic How I create content search engines love with YouTube and WordPress

See the Google organic content marketing strategy I use with WordPress and YouTube that search engines love! Ranking high in Google is easier than ever if you create blog posts with helpful information! Proof at that I am doing this exact strategy for myself and that it is working fantastically! Watch in this free video tutorial from November 2014 as a I show you how I took my website traffic from 0 to 7,860 Google organic in just a few months and how I am now getting hundreds of visitors per day to my website after just doing this website marketing strategy based on sound SEO (search engine optimization) principles and not focusing at all on link building outside of Google+! Subscribe to my YouTube channel at

Smart E Labs Social Media Tips: First Look At Hootsuite Bulk Uploader

Smart E Labs Social Media Tips: First Look At Hootsuite Bulk Uploader

Hey everyone!

Just been using my favorite social media manager recently and saw there’s been a quick update to the Bulk Uploader function.

Made this quick vid to run through the changes and to make your social media management just that little bit easier.

Plus if you’d like to learn how I shave literally HOURS of work from my bulk uploading to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all our other friends of social media marketing, let me know in the comments and I’ll work on getting the info to you.

Want to see more of what we do at Smart E Labs?
Twitter: @smartelabs
Grab our Free Marketing Guide for Modern Entrepreneurs:

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Try Hootsuite Pro for 30 Days for Free here:

More great social media management and marketing content can be found here:
7 Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses:

7 Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

Make Your Social Media Management A Breeze With Hootsuite:

Make Your Social Media Management A Breeze With Hootsuite

5 Social Media Management Tools to Save Time:

5 Social Media Management Tools to Save Time

Hootsuite on Wikipedia if you’d like more info:



You can rank high on ebay using these 7 factors to optimise your ebay listings for SEO purposes.

I am an ebay powerseller but it hasn’t always been easy to rank high on ebay but these factors are foolproof and easy to fulfill!

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Influencer Outreach Management | Digital Tips THAT Matter

Influencer Outreach Management | Digital Tips THAT Matter

Natalie Gardner, Social Media Marketing Specialist at THAT Agency, brings you this Digital Marketing Tip on Influencer Outreach.

With influencer outreach, sometimes it is better to go after small advocates that have brand loyalty, than paying top dollar for celebrities.

Make sure to check out other videos on our YouTube channel:

410 Evernia Street, Suite 118
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Phone: (561) 832-6262


THAT Homepage




seo optimization tutorial 2016 // search engine optimization!

seo optimization tutorial 2016 // search engine optimization!

SEO optimization and Starting on YouTube can be very confusing. So I decided to sit down and talk about it while I was doing my homework so there is some pauses and you are welcome to use my information and would be great if you could site your sources. Although bigger youtubers might intimidate you, you have the potential to be there too with enough hard work and dedication. There is something I am testing from this video, and I hope some of you find out what that is and are able to use this info.

If you would like a more elaborate and edited commentary on it so it is easier to understand you can ask me for one . (Hint to previous statement)
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5 Social Media Tips w/ Lucky Magazine’s Social Media Guru

5 Social Media Tips w/ Lucky Magazine’s Social Media Guru

Social media is not only a fun tool to keep up with your friends but it can also be an exciting career with endless possibilities. Here are 5 tips from Virginia Nam, Lucky Magazine’s Social Media Director, to help you kickstart your career in social media.

Virginia Nam

Lucky Magazine

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Anger Management with 10 Easy Tips

Anger Management with 10 Easy Tips

Anger Management with 10 Easy Tips. Have you ever experienced fits of rage, uncontrollable emotions and blackouts? I thought it’d be fun to share my tips and tricks through this skit on how I’ve learned to express my feelings, apologize when I’ve hurt others and practice self-care strategies. Learn from my past so yours can be peaceful and full of good vibes too, boo. Comment down below to let ya girl know what you do to deal with your anger?

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Here are my 10 Tips for Managing Angry but please share yours in the comments below!

Aromatherapy & Oils
Rocks & Crystals
Positive Messages
Hot Tea
Prayer & Meditation
Yoga & Sports
Avoiding Social Media



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SEO tutorial step by step and search engine optimization tutorial

SEO tutorial step by step and search engine optimization tutorial

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How To Deal With Social Anxiety | 5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety

How To Deal With Social Anxiety | 5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety

Alpha M. Confidence Course:
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My Website:
My Services:
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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, discusses 5 tips to overcome social anxiety. Social anxiety is something that can be beaten if you take action and control of the situation. You deserve to be happy and experience great times with good people. This video will help you deal with social anxiety and provides some helpful tips to overcome anxiety.

Do you get nervous and a little self conscious when you walk into a room of people you don’t know? Butterflies and anxiety are normal when getting up and giving a speech in front of people. Social anxiety is beyond that– it’s an absolute fear. It’s so strong that it prevents you from going places and doing things. It’s limiting happiness and the ability to socialize.

Social Anxiety Triggers

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says social anxiety an irrational fear of embarrassing yourself or getting intensely scrutinized. Alpha covers triggers: meeting new people, being the center of attention, making small talk, public speaking, being called out in class, eating in public, going out on a date, using a public bathroom.

Do You Have Social Anxiety?

Warning signs are stressing and being anxious about doing everyday things; worrying for weeks before an event; feeling that you constantly being judged or picked apart. Behavioral symptoms are deciding not to go to attend an event, bringing along a friend, standing in the background, or drinking before going to an event. If you have more fear than fun, take the steps to get your social anxiety in check.

Getting Social Anxiety Under Control
1.Challenge your own negative thoughts.
2.Learn to control your breathing.
3.Face your fear.
4.Seek professional help such as a therapist.

16 Search Engine Optimization Tips That Are Future Proof

16 Search Engine Optimization Tips That Are Future Proof

16 search engine optimization tips that are future proof –

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In this video, you will learn 16 SEO tips and strategies that will help you get the most traffic. Unless you have a very large advertising budget, you need to be focusing on creating content and ranking it to get as much business as possible for your website. I’ll mention search engine optimization strategies like doing mass social media promotions, putting keywords at the first of titles, doing proper external linking and much more. I’ll also give your resources to check out to help you. Enjoy the video!

The Best SOCIAL MEDIA Management Tools ft. @lilachbullock

The Best SOCIAL MEDIA Management Tools ft. @lilachbullock

Lilach Bullock is listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers, was crowned Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle, listed as the number one influencers in the UK by Career Experts and was a finalist at the Best MumPreneur of the Year Awards presented at 10 Downing St. As a business owner, social media consultant and international speaker, Lilach is frequently consulted by journalists and regularly quoted in media including Forbes, the Telegraph, Wired, Prima Magazine, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, BBC Radio 5 Live and Social Media Today.

To learn more about Lilach Bullock, please visit:

Some used the ideas in this book to build multi-billion-dollar businesses. I’ll give you the simple-yet-powerful formula that they used (and you can) to realize your dreams. Get yours.

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