SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google

SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google

SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google

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How To Build A Brand | Social Media Management | Sammy Blindell

How To Build A Brand | Social Media Management | Sammy Blindell How to use social media management to build your brand. Find out more on our website or become a fan at

We have something very special to share with you over our next ten videos :)

First things first… A very BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Ann-Marie who has joined as their new social media manager!! The Managing Director of xué, Sue Harrison, has been following our daily Brand Expert Tips to build her business over the last few months and has now brought Ann-Marie on board to continue building the momentum of xué online as well as offline.

As Ann-Marie is familiar with social media, but not in using it to build a business brand, Sue, has asked us at How to Build a Brand to mentor Ann-Marie as she gets started on helping them to build the xué brand using social media as part of the strategy.

So we thought it would be a great idea to not only help Ann-Marie by creating a series of daily videos that can be followed in sequence to help her gain momentum in her new social media strategy role, but that we could also help you too by sharing the videos on this HowToBuildaBrand YouTube channel to follow too if you want to!

These videos have not been created to show you physically how to use social media. The social media channels themselves are fairly self-explanatory and easy to learn using their help sections to teach you physically how to use them. Rather, these videos have been created to mentor you in using them to build your brand by sharing how we use it both for us and our clients to get maximum brand engagement and start new conversations that turn strangers into friends, friends into prospects and prospects into customers.

So make sure you watch this video series in order from 1-10 as I have created them in this order for a reason! Make sure you start with tip No.1, where I will be sharing my advice on the best place to get started in using Social Media to build your brand.

Have a fantastic day and if you like what we do here, please like and share our videos so we can help more of the people we care about to get their message out to their dream customers.

For further help or advice, please get in touch with our friendly team at

If you like what we do here, you may also like to join us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, where we share daily video tips on branding, website design, communications strategy, marketing, video marketing, online marketing, success case studies, brand horror stories, business growth tips, etc…

You can find these at:

Take care and we shall very much look forward to seeing you there too!

On Page SEO Step by Step Optimization Tutorial 2016

On Page SEO Step by Step Optimization Tutorial 2016

On Page SEO Step by Step to learn and proper on page optimization of content in your web page and on page seo optimization to rank your website higher in the search engines.

This On Page SEO Step by Step tutorial is here in details.

1. Determine Strategy for Keywords

2. List The Potential Keywords

3. Check Competition of Keywords

4 – Use keywords in title of the content

5 – Use keyword in Meta Tags & Description

6 – Use keyword in URL of the post.

7 – Use of Keyword in first and last Paragraph.

8 – Use Keyword in H1, H2, and H3 Tags…

9 – Content must be longer than 300 – 350 Words…

10 – Keyword Density must be between 2- 3 %.

11 – Keyword Must be used in Image alt tag of the post.

12 – You must use Canonical URL for the content.

If you are using all on page seo optimization techniques to your blog then your post may be count as perfect on page optimization.

Search Terms :- On Page seo tutorial, on page seo step by step.

Production Contract | Time Management Tips for Busy Videographers

Production Contract | Time Management Tips for Busy Videographers

Production Contract –

If you have a busy video production company, you understand how easy it can be to get completely overwhelmed! There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done so you have to get real smart when it comes to managing your time.

It’s great to be busy but it can quickly lose it’s charm if not managed effectively.

So, what should you do to get a better handle on your schedule? So you can spend more of your time doing what’s absolutely necessary to stay ahead instead of drowning in minutiae?

If you’re a one man (or woman) band, with the exception of freelancers of course, every business and project management related task falls directly on your shoulders. Your to do list has a couple hundred items on it and the phone calls and emails keep coming in. Uncle!

As for me, I’ve recently developed a new way of managing my time and it seems to be working. Maybe some or all of these ideas can help you be more effective as well.


1. Plan The Next Day Before Going to Bed…and Get to Bed Early!

I’ve found that it’s much less stressful if I plan my next day after all the kids are in bed and I have no other distractions. Getting out of bed the next day with a plan in mind helps me get off to a great and productive start.

If I wait until the morning to plan my day, the phone calls and emails are already coming in so I’m off to the races before I even know which direction I need to go. This frustrates me to no end when I work an entire day without really accomplishing anything that moves my business forward.

The other key is to get in bed early. The earlier I get in bed, the easier it is for me to get up early. An early start usually results in a more productive day for me.

2. Limit Email and Social Media Activity to 3 Times Per Day

I used to let email and social media run my life. Every time my phone or computer chimed with a new message, I had trained myself to stop what I was doing and switch over to read it. When business is slow, it’s hard to realize how much time this takes away from being productive.

However, when I’m slammed with work, the constant stop/start that goes on while editing, writing, etc. makes it very difficult to generate high profits on a daily basis.

My new plan is to get up at 6am and handle all my email and social media activity that came in through the night. Many clients, freelancers and videographers send messages after hours so this is when I get back to them.

Then, at 7am, I jump in the shower and get ready for the day.

The next time I check email is at 11am with the last time being 4:30pm.

Then, I’ll check my social media accounts at some point in the evening after my kids are in bed. (I’m still weening myself off of a 24/7 social media blitz so this is a work in progress.)

In order to eliminate distractions caused by emails and social media updates or messages coming in, it’s important to turn off the notification sounds or alerts on your phone and computers. Ignorance is bliss when you are trying to manage your time effectively.

Those messages and emails will still be there when you check them later in the day!

3. Reserve 3 Hour Blocks of Time for Editing, Writing Scripts, Writing Proposals, etc.

If uninterrupted, I can get a lot of work done in a 3 hour period of time. It’s short enough to not interfere with other necessary tasks but long enough to actually get focused on moving a video project forward.

If a project or proposal writing process is going well, I’ll forgo the mid-day email and social media check in. After all, those messages will still be there later in the day as well.

Ideally, I’ll spend 8am to 11am working on projects and/or sales proposals and from 1:30pm to 4pm doing the same.

I’ll also try to schedule meetings first thing in the morning, close to lunch, over lunch, or at the very end of the day so I can preserve the 3 hour time blocks.

“Want to learn how to attract more video production clients so you can increase your sales? Discover the art of writing the perfect production contract at!”

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Beginners by John Lincoln

In this video, John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility covers the a basic search engine optimization tutorial for beginners. This is the first video in a series of videos on SEO.

The video begins with a basic overview of SEO for beginners, covering Google, Yahoo, Bing and Amazon. The SEO tutorial then goes on to discuss the difference between organic and paid listings in Google. But this is not a search engine optimization tutorial for dummies.

Next, Lincoln discusses the difference between onsite and offsite optimization and in particular how hyperlinks work for search. He then gets into URLs, titles, descriptions, h1, h2, copy, image and

The beginner SEO video then jumps into website architecture, focusing on internal linking and blocking pages and then wraps up with other important information.

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners Video Final Points
Social Signals: Why are they and why are they important
Content Marketing: An overview for SEO
Technical SEO: Mobile, HTTPS, International, Code, Templates, Etc.

This is a great video for beginners looking to learn about SEO. Check out this search engine optimization tutorial for beginners now. When you are done, jump into the Ignite Visibility SEO starter guide.

6 Tricks To Be A Social Media Pro

6 Tricks To Be A Social Media Pro

We trust you shall use these tricks wisely.

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How To Create Perfect Posts: Version 5 [Infographic]

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Social Media Post



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SEO For Beginners 2016 – How to Rank High In Google?

SEO For Beginners 2016 – How to Rank High In Google?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tutorial for beginners. In this video, you will learn all the necessary SEO techniques to rank your websites high in Google search engine. All the training is provided in a step-by-step newbie friendly way.

An ideal guide for anyone who is new to the web and doesn’t want to spend countless hours jumping from one website to another trying to find the right SEO information!

I will explain all the necessary basics by optimizing my website, and through informative slides so you can also do same at home.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization consists on the process of optimizing your websites pages so they can better rank on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the keywords you’re targeting.

Why Should You SEO?

If you’re looking to get free, highly interested visitors to your website from the search engines then you must learn how to SEO. Besides, if you love the smell of money in the morning then there’s no better way!

What Is a Keyword?

A keyword or search phrase is anything you type in Google’s search box so you can find more information about a specific topic in the listing of relevant websites they provide.

How to Rank High On Google?

Over the years, a lot of factors have changed when it comes to SEO. Google is far more strict in the content they rank high in their search engine. Besides, you can no longer achieve good results in a matter of few months with a new website. For this reason, SEO is a long-term investment in the traffic you get to your website.

Yet, there are a few key elements that will make you succeed online, and have a website, which will stand the test of times these are:

– Always provide high-quality and relevant content
– Constantly think about user experience
– Initially, build your brand in social media networks

If you build your website around these ideas, you will most certainly make Google love your website and get their heavenly blessing of ranking well on their search engine and receiving tones of traffic.

SEO is also divided in two parts and I’ll give you tips so you can perform well on both. This includes:

On-Page SEO?

Everything you must do insides your website so you can improve its visility in the search engines, such as:

– Optimizing Meta Titles, URL extension, Image Alt, etc.

Off-Page SEO?

Everything you must do outside your website so you can achieve better results in Google, including:

– Marketing your website in social media networks, forums, blogs and much more…

Video Time-Stamp

Introduction – 0:00
What’s SEO – 0:57
Search Engine Works – 4:29
On-Page SEO changes – 7:28
Responsive Theme – 9:49
Uploading Time – 11:27
Install WP Super Cache – 15:35
Install Yoast SEO – 16:32
Optimize Homepage – 17:12
XML Sitemap – 20:47
Post Optimization – 22:38
Meta Title – 30:15
Content Optimization – 33:23
Internal Links – 36:05
External Links – 42:08
Off-Page SEO – 43:08
Social Media Networks – 46:15
Q&A Websites – 48:59
Blog Commenting – 49:35
Forums – 51:12
Social Media Sharing Buttons – 52:15
Be Patient – 54:00

Website References

Wikipedia WordPress:

Get Social with Me:


Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

Social Media is an important aspect of any business’s marketing plan. Managing the social media accounts takes up a lot of time. We help you put your social media marketing on autopilot with our services.

7 Important reasons to utilize social media in your marketing efforts:
1. Show off your brand
2. Create a loyal community
3. Improve customer service
4. Increase your digital exposure
5. Boost traffic to your website
6. Expand your sales and your audience
7. Cut marketing costs

How do you create content for Social Media?

How do you create content for Social Media?

Jennifer Suarez with The Final Drafts gives three useful tips on how to create content for Social Media. Jennifer Suarez is in our Social Media Management Certificat Training at NC State University
Technology Training Solutions. She offers content marketing, writing, editing for small business and is a freelancer for marketing agencies.
Learn more about Jennifer at and to learn more about the Social Media Management Certificate program being taught at NC State TTS goto

Seo tutorial in Hindi video Part – 1 On Page Keyword

Seo tutorial in Hindi video Part – 1 On Page Keyword

Seo tutorial in Hindi Video of complete on page optimization and keyword research technique to find right keyword with long tail so it can be ranked very easily in search engine. FREE SEO SOFTWARE –

This seo tutorial in Hindi video described about what is search engine optimization and how we can do all major three steps of search engine optimization also. See the details in below video description here.

1 – Keyword Research –
We do keyword research for finding best keyword with good search volume every month and related ideas to that keyword also. For the perfect keyword research we use Keyword Planner tool of Google Adwords and after login in it we submit our targeted keywords and then this tool find hundreds of keywords related to our targeted search term and we can choose the best one which has hundreds of search per month and up to 6 to 7 words long also.

2 – On Page Optimization –
After finding the right keyword after doing great research we have optimize that search terms in our web pages also very easily and you can follow the steps below.
A – Use keyword in title of web page
B – Use keyword in H1 and H2 tag of web page.
C – Use targeted keywords in first 50 to 100 words of the paragraph.
D – Use focused keyword in Meta Title and Meta Description also.
E – Use targeted keyword in image alt tag also.
F – Use keyword in URL of the web page.
G – Must apply canonical URL for every web page.
H – Maintain keyword density of 2 – 3 %.
I – Make your keyword Bold / Italic or underlined also.
J – Inter link your web pages of your own website with different anchor text every time.
K – Fast loading time of your website always good for better ranking.
L – Your website must be mobile friendly or responsive.

3 – Link Building or Off page SEO Optimization
It is the third important part of our seo tutorial in Hindi video here and creating of back links is the actually link building and we can do these below mentioned work for doing link building.
A – Article Submission
B – Guest Posting
C – Info graphic Submission
D – Press release submission
E – Profile back links creations.

Friends I hope the above mentioned guide for seo tutorial in Hindi video may be really helpful for you.

Social Share Buttons For Your Website | Social Media Tip of the Day

Social Share Buttons For Your Website | Social Media Tip of the Day
One great way to grow your fanbase on social media is to add social share buttons to your website or blog. These buttons can link to your social media pages or display content streams in place. These buttons will enable your followers to share your content on their social channels more easily.

For more tips of the day, visit our YouTube Channel: If you have any questions you want us to answer, email us:

Katie Wagner Social Media is a unique media agency made up of former journalists. We are all professional storytellers, and we specialize in helping you engage your target audience on social media. Our services include both social media management, content creation, website design & content optimization.

These days, there are a lot of companies that promise to help with your social presence. They all talk about tweets and status updates, but how will they accurately represent YOU? How will they tell your story online?

We do it by getting to know you and getting involved with your company. We want to be part of your team; and we take that responsibility seriously. We get to know your staff, attend your events, and keep up with relevant news in your industry.

We also create content – uncovering the stories behind what you do everyday. We use photos and videos to tell those stories. We issue press releases and write blog posts. We are a team of journalists covering your business and sharing it with the people you want to know about you.

Be Fearless. Get Social.

Connect with us!

Youtube Videos Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Promo Youtube Views Increaser Free

Youtube Videos Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Promo Youtube Views Increaser Free

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Marketing for Indies – PR, Social Media, and Game Trailers

Marketing for Indies – PR, Social Media, and Game Trailers

Learn how to market your indie game with little to no money, tips and tricks for getting press coverage and the best ways to engage with and create fans! Handout links below!!!

3 hour class with Jack Dalrymple from Cap And Cut and Albino Lullaby for Playcrafting Boston, with presentation slides edited in.


Presentation Slides:
Film Production Handout:
Game Marketing Checklist:
Press Release Handout:
Press Release Sample:

Class Description

Game industry veteran Jack Dalrymple gives an insider look at marketing video games, best practices for engaging through social media and tips and tricks on getting press coverage. With in-depth evaluation of how games are marketing at AAA companies and how to best market your Indie game with little to no money.

The class starts with the basics basic marketing principles, the difference between brand and marketing and leads into marketing specifically related to video games. Then with social media, you will learn how to best engage with fans and get fresh eyes on your game. With PR you will learn how put together a press kit, write a press release and the best approach trying to get editorial coverage. This is followed by an in-depth look at AAA practices and the difference between marketing in AAA and Indie. The class ends with a detailed look at the most important content for marketing your game, the trailer. Including tools that can be used to make your own trailers, the story arc, the trailer arc, the process, tips and tricks for making high quality with a limited budget and final delivery.

You can have the best video game, but without good marketing, it will be nearly impossible to find. There is a learning curve to marketing, PR and social media and the lessons don’t need to be learned through field testing, which can be detrimental to your games success.

YouTuber and Twitcher Lists Discussed in Class:

Good YouTuber List:
Amazing YouTuber List:
Amazing Twitcher List:

Always Check Realtime View Potentials for the Indie Twitter Hashtags:


About the Instructor

Jack Dalrymple is an industry veteran at producing trailers and marketing games, Cinematics Director at Bit Fry, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Ape Law, and owner of Cap and Cut a Boston based trailer house and creative design studio. As Lead Editor and Technical Director at WB Games’ Turbine Studio from 2004 to 2014, he developed and edited more than million in marketing trailers and ingame cutscenes with over 9 million views online and built and managed one of the first live HD game capture cinematics studios in the world.

Jack mentors at MassDiGi, where he speaks and gives students direction and feedback on their game trailers. He dedicates his time as Boston City Manager for Playcrafting’s mission of empowering the game development community through education, networking, and collaboration. His all encompassing approach to design, presentation and consistency across brand is leading the marketing initiative to launch Ape Law’s first-person horror adventure game, Albino Lullaby. With Cap and Cut, Jack maintains the highest quality mobile capture rig in the Greater Boston Area and is available for game capture and game trailer production for indie and AAA studios across the region.

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegamedev #videogames #marketing

Social Media Management: How to alienate People

Social Media Management: How to alienate People

It’s very easy to alienate followers in social media management, check out this video for what not to do.

Check out the amazing 5 Step Social Media Strategy by clicking here:

For more tips and strategies go to

[SEO Tutorial] 001 Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

[SEO Tutorial] 001 Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO-SEO tutorial) is the activity of optimizing web pages or whole sites in order to make them search engine friendly, thus getting higher positions in search results.
SEO tutorial explains simple SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your web pages for different search engines, especially for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
This SEO tutorial has been prepared for beginners to help them understand the simple but effective SEO characteristics.

Tip #3 – How to Raise your Online Visibility with Social Media

Tip #3 – How to Raise your Online Visibility with Social Media

How do you raise your online visibility? You can pay for adverts, but you can waste hundreds of pounds on PPC and not get any more business. Organic traffic is the best type of traffic!
So, how do I get seen by hundreds, even thousands, without spending a penny?

Loving Social Media is a social & digital media marketing company in London. We help companies raise their online visibility with workshops, one-on-one training & complete management!

Beginners Guide to SEO – Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Beginners Guide to SEO – Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Welcome to the description of my beginners guide to seo video, a question that always gets thrown around the internet is, “what is seo?” seo stands for Search Engine Optimization, seo is where you use certain tips and tricks to get your content higher up the rank in searches. – search engine optimization tutorial

Soon there will be a video on how to: SEO a Site
– How to SEO a WordPress site
– Social Media Marketing
– How to get your name noticed using social media

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Facebook –… –
Duo Blog –

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ADOBE MUSE CC about seo | Search Engine Optimization | 404 ERROR HTML PAGE

ADOBE MUSE CC about seo | Search Engine Optimization | 404 ERROR HTML PAGE

Adobe muse tutorial about seo :Search Engine Optimization tips. How to design and make an awesome fully customized 404.html error page.That enables you to keep your visitors in your site even if they make a mistake!!i recommend you this tip to optimize your website for better search engine optimization and traffic performance.To increase your rankings and your organic traffic(Targeted unique visitors directly from google).
Adobe muse download page – .
Adobe muse facebook page – .
Adobe muse on twitter – .
Wordpress blog - (Under construction)

Top Tips For Stress Management

Top Tips For Stress Management

Want to know the number one complaint I hear from my friends? STRESS! It affects all of us – Did you know that three out of four doctors visits are stress-related? It’s true – Stress has very real, physical manifestations. I’ve been taking big strides to de-stress in my life, which includes putting down the cell phone, walking away from screens, and finding some creative outlets for my energy. I definitely recommend practicing more mindfulness and expressing gratitude in one’s life. Try writing what you are thankful for in a gratitude journal to help you be present. I also LOVE an adult coloring book that you can find at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store to ease your stress levels. And I love this amazing DIY rollerball to help you de-stress through aromatherapy!

– 10 ML (1/3 OZ) dark glass rollerball
– 1/3 OZ pure jojoba oil
– 40 drops lemon essential oil
– 6 drops lavender essential oil
– 15 drops neroli essential oil

1) Mix the essential oils into the jojoba oil. I use a tiny measuring cup with a mini spout, so I can pour directly into bottle with no spillage.
2) Shake gently before use.
3) Apply to your wrists, temples, the skin behind your ears, and even on the soft skin between your toes.
*Safety tip: If you are not used to using essential oils, I recommend you do a little patch test before rubbing it all over yourself! Simply rub a little of each oil onto your inner arm. Cover with a band aid, and leave for 12 hours. If there is no redness or swelling, you are good to go.

Pick up a gratitude journal or coloring bool //

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