Top 10 LinkedIn tips: Contact relationship management

Top 10 LinkedIn tips: Contact relationship management

Do you know how to manage your relationships with your contacts in LinkedIn? This brief video, #9 in a series of 10 tips hosted by College Recruiter’s Content Manager Bethany Wallace, will help you.
Expert Chaim Shapiro, Assistant Director of Career Services at Touro College and award-winning social media consultant, provides his top 10 LinkedIn tips to viewers. This video provides college students, recent grads, and other job seekers with information about how to manage relationships with contacts on LinkedIn to maximize their potential to land jobs and network well online.
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Yoast SEO Tutorial 2016 – How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Tutorial 2016 – How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Tutorial 2016 How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin video shows basics for using Yoast SEO Plugin for search engine optimization.

To download the sample codes to insert into functions.php visit: and look for “Sample Codes for WordPress functions.php” (under WordPress Heading)

You can download this plugin here:
WordPress plugin directory also has other SEO Plugins which you may like to check out:

To learn more about how to optimize your WordPress Site search RankYa videos on YouTube:

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Wix Website SEO Tips | How To Rank Your Wix Website In Google, Yahoo and Bing

Wix Website SEO Tips | How To Rank Your Wix Website In Google, Yahoo and Bing

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Part 2 to this:

Upgrade your wix account here:

In this video I am speaking about a few tips that will dramatically improve the visibility of your website in search engines such as google, yahoo and bing. These are the three major search engines however these methods will also improve the visibility of Your Wix website in other search engines. If you are looking to advertise your wix website for free then SEO is one of the best ways to get visitors to your website on recurring basis without paying for traffic.

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4 Tips for Closing Internet Leads for Property Managers

4 Tips for Closing Internet Leads for Property Managers

4 Tips for Closing Internet Leads for Property Managers

Today we are going to talk about Property Management Marketing techniques; specifically, how to close Internet Leads. I saw this famous line in a movie once; in Glengarry Glen Ross the line is: “coffee is for closers.” I want to make sure you know exactly how to get your coffee every time.

Without a proper lead management strategy, all the ways to grow your property management business, such as marketing, social media and pay per click programs are just fancy ways to spend money. If you really want to make the cash register ring and add the dollars to your bottom line, you need to have a lead follow-up strategy that works. So, I’m going to go through a few things that I do and that successful property managers do. This will help you identify and implement your lead management system.

1. Know where the leads are coming from. Think about the information you put out — what phone number are people calling? It may be your office line or your cell phone line, either way you have to know which number your leads will call. Pay attention to what’s on your website and your social media platforms. The same thing applies to email addresses. When someone fills out a form on your website or on your blog, which email address receives it? What subject line will be visible in your inbox so you know it’s a request for information from a lead? You need to know which address receives the lead and how you can find it.

Blogger Blogspot SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2015 – How To SEO Blogger – Powerful Tips & Tricks

Blogger Blogspot SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2015 – How To SEO Blogger – Powerful Tips & Tricks

If you like using the Google Blogger Blogspot platform over WordPress, but still want to be able to have your Blog as SEO or search engine friendly as possible you need to use these new Blogger features to make your blog easier to find by search engines.

Even a beginner can do these tips and tricks no coding required and no messing with the coding on your template. These are quick easy things to do, will take you less than 5 minutes to do all three of these things and these are powreful SEO tools.

This video shows you step by step what to do.

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So much focus seems to be on WOrdpress these days, people neglect blogger so here’s some blogger tips for you.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We find out how social media managements tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social and Buffer help manage and schedule social media posts.

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On Page Optimization Bangla Video Tutorials-2016 | SEO Bangla Tutorial | Part-1

On Page Optimization Bangla Video Tutorials-2016 | SEO Bangla Tutorial | Part-1

Part 1: On Page Optimization Bangla Video Tutorials-2016 | SEO Bangla Tutorial


On Page Optimization is a huge part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For increasing pages search visibility you must do better On Page Optimization. It means improvement of your pages for search engines and users or visitors. In short, doing any development inside of your pages such as title tag, meta description tag, anchor text, h1 tag etc.

Here I discus about On-Page Optimization techniques in Bangla:

– Create your first blog.
– Optimize your Title Tags

Social Media Marketing Management Services & Companies in Johannesburg

Social Media Marketing Management Services & Companies in Johannesburg visit Cacth the Beat offers the best social media marketing services in Johannesburg. Increase the brand awareness of your business, Legitimize you brand and increase your sales, improve your customer care relations, distribute your content by using
social media channel effectively.Quite merely video clip marketing is integrating video clips into your marketing campaigns whether to promote your business, service or product. Customer reviews together with live event video clips are becoming increasingly more prominent as companies attempt to leverage rich media content into their advertising efforts.
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Seo and social media marketing services
Marketers can obtain a lot of mileage with merely one video clip by including it into all your advertising and marketing channels– from email to search to landing pages. Additionally, researchers reveal that video clip can raise your Google position, conversions, open prices, click through rates and more.Fortunately is that an email subject line with “video clip” included the result in 2-3x more opens compared to one without.The bad news is that email clients can not take care of video clips installed directly right into e-mails. Nevertheless, smart marketing professionals “get around” this issue using a photo with a play button which inevitably brings about 5-6x, even more, clicks. One vital thing to note is that you really want to have a video clip
#Socialmediamarketingsmall business
#Socialmedi marketingfirms
#SocialmediamanagementSouth Africa
#Seoandsocialmedia marketing services
After that running testing it throughout your marketing stations.If you are already making use of video clip in your marketing then examine our article on How to Make use of Video to Drive Even more Consumers or 3 Dead Straightforward Video Marketing Tips.
This usually takes the form of integrating video into a direct advertising campaign like a newsletter or promo. The most basic instance of “Advertising WITH Video” is a firm adding video clip to its website to summarize its product. Various other examples of “Advertising With Video clip” consist of: Compiling actionable information on individual involvement to aid maximize a purchase funnel. Incorporating video right into e-mail advertising projects to recognize which prospects are especially interested. Utilizing taped webinars as a resource for lead generation. Below’s an instance of “Advertising With Video clip”. This video clip is developed to better notify a website visitor regarding some aspects of a product as soon as they’re on our site. To read more on marketing visit
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Complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training for 2013-2014 in DVDs (Urdu & Hindi)

Complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training for 2013-2014 in DVDs (Urdu & Hindi)

To get this complete course in dvds visit:


or to purchase this complete course in DVDs call me at: 03412221598

total videos: 100 and Duration is: 10 hours

In this complete course in DVDs you’ll learn complete SEO, Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, WordPress Complete SEO Pack, Blogger SEO Pack, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytic Tool, Bing Web Master Tools, Course is according to 2013 and 2014, you’ll know how to use SEO top 30 tools. And the course is in Urdu and Hindi languages, you can get this course by simply calling to me on: 03412221598 or email:

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

Our social media management services are designed to grow your brand online. We help your brand establish trust and build relationships with potential buyers. The benefits of using our social media management services consist of increased awareness, website traffic and lead generation. Additional benefits include influenced Google rankings, blog promotions, reputation management, and customer service to current and potential customers.

Today, we have helped over 150 businesses take advantage of social media. We have worked in a number of different markets and industries. The best way to describe our results is we meet needs. Our client satisfaction rate is 100% and that is because we believe in getting the return on investment our client’s desire. Whether your need is leads, sales, awareness, traffic or great content, our social media management company has been able to step up to the keyboard and deliver.

On Facebook, we practice creating unique content and managing advertising campaigns that will help you reach your audience. Due to Facebook’s algorithm you must be prepared to spend advertising dollars in order to be effective. The good news for you is that we have the experience of managing over 100 advertising campaigns and we know just what to do to get you the lowest cost per click.

On Twitter, we practice Twitter monitoring and direct 1 on 1 conversation. This platform allows you to reach anyone you’d like without having them become a friend or fan first. With Twitter monitoring/listening as soon as someone talks about your business or product we immediately interact. For example, if you are restaurant if someone in your area tweets “i’m hungry, looking for lunch” we immediately interact.

On Instagram, we follow a similar approach to Twitter. However, Instgram has more of the user’s direct attention without a Facebook algorithm. This makes this platform one of the best marketing tools today! With great images and quality content. You can use Instagram to create massive awareness and potential leads/sales quick.

For more information on our services or to view our social media management pricing and plans visit:

If you’d just like to learn more about our company visit

Thanks for watching!!

Simple SEO: Search Engine Optimization Made Simple – Full Tutorial Course

Simple SEO: Search Engine Optimization Made Simple – Full Tutorial Course

Simple SEO: Search Engine Optimization Made Simple – Full Tutorial Course
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Learn SEO Fast! Yes, you can get to the first page of Google!
You will dramatically improve your search engine (SEO) results with what you will learn in this online course. In this course we will cover the following topics:

What Google and the other Search Engines are looking for in your web site

How to choose a web site designer and how to make sure they do a great job for you

Comparing html site to Flash, PHP and design platforms for web sites

Options available for designing web sites yourself

The basic mechanics of building a web site that the search engines like

All the web site elements required for good SEO How to read the “Source” of a web site

How to find the keyword that people are actually searching for

How to submit your web site to the search engines Which tools work to help increase your web site rankings

How to incorporate Social Media Marketing strategies with your SEO strategies for maximum search engine rankings

Social Media Reputation Management YES Social Media Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation Management YES Social Media Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation Management
Click This Link
To Find Out About Reputation Management To Help Your Business
By Looking At Your FREE Report.

You will learn the following:
The simple steps you can take to protect yourself from
the biggest threats to businesses online today

5 Steps you can do immediately if something
negative is posted about your business online

The tools to use to monitor in real time any mentions
about you or your company that happen on any platform on the web

To Learn More:
Click Here

Because social media happens in real time, What should a company look for when hiring an online reputation management professional?
OUR SOLUTION. FordDirect continues to enhance the Social Media Reputation Management service to provide Dealers with more tools to establish and monitor a strong
This 5-step guide to online reputation management in social media demonstrates the importance of buzz monitoring and engagement.
Any Device. Anywhere! Monitor your reputation on the go. With our social m
Social Media Reputation Management – Reputation Maxx
Social Media Monitoring Tools Sentiment – Trackur
Social Media Reputation Management Apartment Marketing
Reputation Management and Social Media Pew Research Center
Social media reputation is more important than ever. Is your campaign properly optimized and targeted? Are you engaging with customers, expanding your community and
Social Media Reputation Management: The Why and The How
Company Reputation Management With Social Media – Forbes
Social Media Reputation Management Service
Social Media in Online Reputation Management Social
Social media is becoming more and more important to successfully controlling your reputation on the web. From monitoring social media sites for mentions of
A 5-Step Guide to Reputation Management Using Social Media
Online Reputation is something which people and businesses alike have been paying an increased attention to in the recent past. It has become very important for
Reputation management has now become a defining feature of online life for many internet users, especially the young. While some internet users are careful to project
Respage provides SEO, PPC, online reputation management and social media marketing, monitoring, posting services for the apartment industry. Learn more!
Top Online Reputation Management Tips for Brand Marketers
It can happen in a flash; one of your employees posts something on social media intended for their personal page, while unintentionally logged into the

SEO Search Engine Optimization Is Stupid Easy With The Right Tools

SEO Search Engine Optimization Is Stupid Easy With The Right Tools

Search Engine Optimimizaiton, also known as SEO can be very confusing and very challenging.

If you watch my channel you know this is something I admittedly struggle with.

My SEO skills with eBay, Amazon, and Youtube are awesome. On the other hand Google SEO and ranking websites is something I’ve always struggled with.

I recently found a tool called SmartSERP. They offer a FREE 14 day trial. I decided to signup over the weekend and I’m over the top in love with the program. I’m still in my trial period but I’m fairly certain I’ll buy the basic program for a month and continue using it.

I’ve signed up for SEO tools in the past but have either found them unimpressive, or too confusing to use. Most all of them basically require you to know the keywords your trying to rank for and then allow you to see how well your ranking.

What I really love about SmartSERP is that all you have to do is plugin your website, and they will tell you all the keywords your ranking for, the monthly searches, and show you the link to your post.

You can find terms you didn’t even know you were ranking for and with those areas which your already competitive you can even try to up your rankings further. I was surprised to find I’m ranking number 2 overall in Google for several search terms I would have never even thought to search.

In this video I show you the backend of my SmartSERP account and show you for my RulesForRebels Blog some of the top terms I’m ranking for and how I plan on improving their ranking.

Check it out!!!

Yoast SEO tutorial 2016 | step by step

Yoast SEO tutorial 2016 | step by step

Yoast SEO tutorial 2016 | step by step. This WordPress tutorial shows you how to set up Yoast SEO plugin, so you can optimize your posts and pages for your website. In order to optimize a website, a good practice involves optimizing individual pages or posts within the website, and this plugin helps you do just that. This is what’s called “on page SEO.” This alone isn’t likely to rank you on the first pages of search engines, but it will give you the initial, necessary boost to get up higher, and it makes it much easier for you to get noticed. In fact, if done right, you may be able to rank on the first pages of Google without putting forth much “off-page SEO” effort. Regardless, it’s a necessary step if you want to rank higher.
If you like the video, please like it and subscribe to the channel. Much more content is in the pipeline.

00:07 Install SEO by Yoast
00:57 how to set up the Yoast plugin
01:27 Bing Webmaster tools verification
03:26 Google webmaster tools verification
05:20 Add social media profiles
06:01 Optimize a post
11:56 Optimize for social media



social media and business | twitter management tools you must know

social media and business | twitter management tools you must know

social media and business | twitter management tools you must know
This video will cover
Manage all your twitter accounts in one place
Unfollow people from twittter which are not follow back
Analyse your audience on twitter
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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tutorial 2016

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tutorial 2016

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is the best courses for 2016. Learn SEO effectively and develop your business and earn money to sell your skill and knowledge. Human knowledge and skill development channel: teach you how to learn and improve you technical knowledge effectively in easiest way that you can understand properly and train up to face you in real world and your professional life. SEO tutorial in Bangla 2016 is the best international course for build your professional qualification. We will offer you: SEO tutorial in English 2016 as soon as possible.
What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is the process or technique to rank a website higher in the search result. (Google, yahoo, Bing, ask)
Search Engine:
Search Engine (Pay per click vs. Organic Search)
What are the topics covered in SEO?
Remark those 2 following topics in your mind
What is SEO
Category of Search Engine – Result
Types of SEO
What are the topics covered in SEO

Social Media Marketing For Business : Mistakes Not To Make

Social Media Marketing For Business : Mistakes Not To Make

Social Media Marketing Tips For Business : Mistakes Not To Make

Three Terrible Social Media Marketing Mistakes, and How to Avoid Making Them

Social media marketing is a necessity for growing your business in today’s climate. While just about everyone knows at least a few things about how to make social media marketing work well, hardly anybody has a good understanding about the type of mistakes that can be made, nor do most people know how to avoid those mistakes.

The good news is, we’re about to put you in the ranks of the few — here are three top social media marketing mistakes companies make, plus valuable insight for avoiding these mistakes.

Failing To Monitor Your Social Media

You’ve done a great job of setting up your Facebook page, and you’ve made friends and fans all over the place. Don’t expect your social media marketing to keep on running on its’ own. One reason social media marketing works so uncannily well is its’ “social” aspect. You should be updating constantly (at least once every day or every two days) and you should be paying attention to what friends and fans are telling you. Read the messages that come in — don’t just delete them! Answer every message that seems to require a response. If you fail at the “social” aspect of social media marketing, you’re just another company, just another cog in the machine.

One of the best ways to avoid making this mistake is to assign someone the task of monitoring your social media for you. This way, you don’t have to wade through everything that comes in, and you can be a resource for the person or team who handles your social media marketing. Your customers will appreciate the way you interact with them, and you’ll be getting an awesome ROI.

Ignoring Complaints And Failing To AdmitFault

This is one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes any company of any size can make. Imagine you have a dissatisfied customer, who decides to spread his aggravation with your company all over twitter and Facebook. What do you do? Should you ignore the guy and hope he goes away?

Absolutely not! If you make this mistake, people are going to start to wonder. Be friendly and courteous, and show your customer you care about him. Make a public apology. While eating crow might not feel the best, it’s a great way to show that “social” side of your business. Who knows, you may even endear yourself to your customers, even more. Everyone makes mistakes, so if you’re caught in a mistake, don’t lie or cover it up. Handle it, and move on.

Failing To Provide Incentives

Don’t expect fans and friends to flock your way without providing them with an incentive to do so. Offer special discounts to your loyal customers, and give out helpful hints on a regular basis. My favorite greenhouse gives gardening tips every day, and for some reason, I can’t help but go there and buy more plants and products. I also give them lots of recommends. This is just one example of how much people love to believe that they are getting a value, and illustrates the fact they enjoy passing the things they like on to others. This is one of the biggest reasons social media marketing works, so give good incentives, and watch your business grow.

Blue Square Management
SEO & Internet Marketing Agency
9 Grange Road
United Kingdom

Tel: 01689 602 248

Blue Square Management offers Social Media services to small and medium businesses throughout London, Kent, Surrey and the UK. Our staff specializes in Social Media marketing for small businesses. Blue Square Management has developed into Orpington Kent’s Business leader. Our exceptional consumer service staff looks forward to serving you.

For further information call us at: 01689 602 248

Social Media Marketing For Business : Mistakes Not To Make


Youtube Videos Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Promo Youtube Views Increaser Free

Youtube Videos Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Promo Youtube Views Increaser Free

Youtube Videos Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Promo Youtube Views Increaser Free

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Best Social Media Strategy – Customer Satisfaction Marketing Tips – Ep 1 #Tellamate

Best Social Media Strategy – Customer Satisfaction Marketing Tips – Ep 1 #Tellamate

Today more than ever, your customers feedback plays  a critical  role in the success of your business. In this series we explore the benefits of having an active customer feedback, management and marketing process and how to leverage social media to get more business online.
Want To Know What People are saying about your business online?
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Email us:
Phone: 0439 455 003
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Sociocaster Review & Bonus 2015 | Best social media management software

Sociocaster Review & Bonus 2015 | Best social media management software

Sociocaster Review – Sociocaster Bonus – Sociocaster 2015
Manage Social Networks, Schedule Messages, Engage Your Audiences, and Measure ROI Right From One, Easy-to-Use Dashboard
Social Media Management Software for 2015 and beyond…
– Manage Unlimited Social Media Accounts from One Simple Dashboard
– It’s Ultra Responsive and Easy to Use
– Sociocaster is as Easy as 1-2-3
– TOP Viral Content Discovery
– Top Viral Videos from Any Country & Language
– Discover Popular Topics on Twitter by Keyword
– Discover Facebook Fanpage by Keyword
– Discover Viral Videos from Youtube by Keyword
– Discover Royalty-Free Pictures from Flickr by Keyword
– Benefit Latest SEO Strategy
– Easy Browser Bookmarklet
– Post to Multiple Top Social Media Accounts
– Advanced Link Share Customization for Facebook
– Import & Schedule Bulk Content from an Excel File
– Read Number of Likes, Comments, Retweets & Favorites
– Reply to Facebook Comments
– Smart Inbox
– Organization Support
– Clean & Clear Analytics
Sociocaster is built to fully integrate with those top social media sites and stay incompliance to their TOS at all times.

SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google

SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google

SEO Tutorial – Search Engine Optimization to Get to the Top of Google

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How To Build A Brand | Social Media Management | Sammy Blindell

How To Build A Brand | Social Media Management | Sammy Blindell How to use social media management to build your brand. Find out more on our website or become a fan at

We have something very special to share with you over our next ten videos :)

First things first… A very BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Ann-Marie who has joined as their new social media manager!! The Managing Director of xué, Sue Harrison, has been following our daily Brand Expert Tips to build her business over the last few months and has now brought Ann-Marie on board to continue building the momentum of xué online as well as offline.

As Ann-Marie is familiar with social media, but not in using it to build a business brand, Sue, has asked us at How to Build a Brand to mentor Ann-Marie as she gets started on helping them to build the xué brand using social media as part of the strategy.

So we thought it would be a great idea to not only help Ann-Marie by creating a series of daily videos that can be followed in sequence to help her gain momentum in her new social media strategy role, but that we could also help you too by sharing the videos on this HowToBuildaBrand YouTube channel to follow too if you want to!

These videos have not been created to show you physically how to use social media. The social media channels themselves are fairly self-explanatory and easy to learn using their help sections to teach you physically how to use them. Rather, these videos have been created to mentor you in using them to build your brand by sharing how we use it both for us and our clients to get maximum brand engagement and start new conversations that turn strangers into friends, friends into prospects and prospects into customers.

So make sure you watch this video series in order from 1-10 as I have created them in this order for a reason! Make sure you start with tip No.1, where I will be sharing my advice on the best place to get started in using Social Media to build your brand.

Have a fantastic day and if you like what we do here, please like and share our videos so we can help more of the people we care about to get their message out to their dream customers.

For further help or advice, please get in touch with our friendly team at

If you like what we do here, you may also like to join us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, where we share daily video tips on branding, website design, communications strategy, marketing, video marketing, online marketing, success case studies, brand horror stories, business growth tips, etc…

You can find these at:

Take care and we shall very much look forward to seeing you there too!