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Social Media Marketing: Pinterest for Business

Social Media Marketing: Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for business: learn how to use social media marketing to drive sales and traffic with Pinterest.
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On Pinterest, the social platform built on beautiful, shareable imagery, opportunities for shopping come cleverly disguised as outfit inspiration, smoothie recipes and DIY centrepieces.

For consumers, it’s a place to hunt and gather. For brands, it’s a goldmine.

Consider this: we analyzed data from over 529, 000 Shopify store orders to find that Pinterest was the second largest social source for traffic, and resulting visits had the third highest average order value.

Also, according to research done by Piqora, sales and traffic from Pins can occur long after the item is pinned. In fact, 50 percent of visits happen after 3 and a half months.

The reasons for using Pinterest for your business are impossible to ignore. In this video, we’ll show you seven concrete methods, that you can use to drive sales and traffic with Pinterest.

Video Highlights:

0:48 Use Rich Pins
1:44 Pin Smarter
4:04 Sell the Lifestyle
4:48 Piggyback on Popular Content
5:48 Run Pinterest Contests
6:43 Leverage the Power of Influencers
7:11 Engage Your Community

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There you have it 7 methods that you can put into practice with your ecommerce business. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress and if we missed any tips or techniques that you’re using to reach your customers on Pinterest, please share them with us in the comment section.

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6 Tips on How To Manage Social Media for Your Brand

6 Tips on How To Manage Social Media for Your Brand

Every entrepreneur and their brand needs a great social media strategy. in this episode, Kelly shares 6 Tips on How To Manage Social Media for Your Brand. Make sure to share your questions, comments, subscribe and activate the notifications for the channel. Subscribe:

Who is Kelly Nishimoto:

Kelly Nishimoto was born in the back woods of Macon, Georgia to a Scottish Irish craftsman/chemist/musician father and a Japanese American jewelry designer mother. She was exposed at a very early age to design and construction using a variety of materials. Her first wedding gown at age 13 was made of trash bags and a glue gun. At 19, after trading in GA’s laid back country living for the frenetic night life of Miami’s South Beach, Kelly created her first collection which included corsets, ball-room gowns, double breasted jackets, and handbags, all made using colored Reynolds Wrap. The line was a huge hit garnering her such accolades as “Top Ten Designers to Watch” by the Miami Herald.

After 5 years in Miami’s fashion circuit, Kelly ventured west in search of new inspiration. She found it immediately upon arriving in Los Angeles. Noticing everything she saw in the clothing market was shabby-chic and grunge, Kelly saw the perfect opportunity to bring back elegance, sophistication, and femininity by revisiting one of her favorite pieces…the corset! With lush fabrics and a more comfortable structure, Kelly breathed fresh air into an age-old garment. They quickly made a stir on red carpets across the country, Kelly Nishimoto corsets have already graced the bodies of Marley Shelton, Rumor Moore, Gwen Stefani, Anastasia, Natasha Hendstridge, Jenna Jameson, and yes…even Dave Navarro.

This self-taught designer didn’t stop there. Kelly Nishimoto debuted her Spring/Summer 2006 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in March 2006. Feeling that fashion had no soul…she set out to make a full collection of things that were missing from her own closet. Simple elegance is how she described the flowing collection that graced the runway. Her Fall/Winter/Holiday 2006 collection was a perfect balance of her heritage…Scottish plaids and Japanese printed silks. Fresh off the runway is her Spring/Summer 2007 collection she describes as women in the bedroom.

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How to Be A Social Media Manager – Career Advice from BirchBox

How to Be A Social Media Manager – Career Advice from BirchBox

Here are simple ways to be a Social Media Manager from BirchBox’s very own Social Media professional. Find more career advice at

BirchBox’s Social Media Manager tells us what it takes to be a social media guru for a brand like BirchBox. From Instagramming to telling a story in a compelling way, there are challenges and difficulties that most people wouldn’t expect.

Watch the last Career Advice video from BirchBox:

Find jobs or internships and learn more about interview questions and answers via WayUp, the ultimate resource for college students looking for job search tips, career advice and landing internships or entry-level jobs.

Whether it’s your first interview or your 10th, these tips will help you nail your interview. Subscribe to WayUp to find out how to answer the most common and toughest interview questions.

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7 Marketing Trends to Help you DOMINATE Social Media in 2017 –  #7Ways

7 Marketing Trends to Help you DOMINATE Social Media in 2017 – #7Ways

✎ In this video Evan is sharing his top 7 marketing strategies that’ll help you dominate social media in 2017. Enjoy! :)

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✎ 7 Marketing Trends to Help you DOMINATE Social Media in 2017:
1. Small biz will eat brands
* Small businesses will continue to dominate at social while big brands mostly struggle
* For small businesses it will increasingly become the #1 way they drive new business

2. Video will dominate
* Video will become increasingly important across all platforms
* The ones who win will: stand for something, understand storytelling, be authentic, and take advantage of new technology like 360 and 4k/8k video
* The ones who lose will be the ones who focus on promoting over providing value
* Live video streaming will play an increasingly important role across all platforms

3. Mobile first will win
* Marketing must focus on mobile first, desktop second as mobile use continues to grow
* Websites and campaigns must be designed with the mobile user as the priority audience

4. Advertising costs will rise
* For those spending on advertising, the cost to reach your audience will rise as more brands shift budgets to social
* Facebook targeted ads is still the most cost effective way to reach a specific audience but the cost to reach them will rise in 2017

5. Influencer marketing will explode
* Influencer marketing is still underpriced and a great way to connect with audiences
* More brands will add influencer marketing to their strategy in 2017, driving up the cost of programs
* Successful brands will have to navigate the willingness to give up creative control of content to allow the influencer campaigns to bring the best ROI

6. Content will grow
* The amount of content, and quality content, from businesses will grow. Those who produce more will win.
* Smart companies will show behind the scenes, become thought leaders, and feature their sawdust

7. Data nerds will reign
* People who understand analytics, algorithm hacking, and automation will become increasingly valuable
* Money will shift from SEO to social and new opportunities will open up for the people who can shift accordingly

Some used the ideas in this book to build multi-billion-dollar businesses. I’ll give you the simple-yet-powerful formula that they used (and you can) to realize your dreams. Get yours.

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Career of a YouTuber, Social Media Manager & Filmmaker – All About it / Nika Erculj

Career of a YouTuber, Social Media Manager & Filmmaker – All About it / Nika Erculj

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I share all about my career as a YouTuber, social media manager & filmmaker.

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☛ About this video: I share all about my career as a YouTuber, social media manager & filmmaker. I talk about how it all started, what I’ve learned, about my work process and more!

☛ About Nika
Nika Erculj is a Slovenian YouTuber & social media influencer. She shares everything from tips for living a healthy, happy and successful life, fashion & beauty, to her personal struggles, thoughts, her writing and short films. She has worked with many successful brands in the past, like Hp, Origins & so much more.
She does everything in her power to raise awareness for mental health and has worked with organizations like the Trevor Project to help spread the word. If you’d like to see more of her work, subscribe and follow her on her journey.

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9 Tips To Break Social Media Addiction and Improve Time Management – Financial Advice Newcastle

9 Tips To Break Social Media Addiction and Improve Time Management – Financial Advice Newcastle

9 Tips To Break Social Media Addiction and Improve Time Management – Financial Advice Newcastle:

Find out how Financial Planner Brad Lonergan can help with your Time Management to be more productive: 0423 621 120

Do you catch yourself logging onto Facebook when you’re supposed to be working online, or refreshing the Twitter feed in your smartphone every 5 minutes?

Perhaps you even feel unsettled when you can’t get online to update your status? Don’t be alarmed at your insufficient self-control!
A recently available study by the University of Chicago suggests these social networking forms are harder to resist than alcohol and cigarettes.

In line with the team leader of the research, Wilhelm Hoffman, one of many reasons people can provide into the need to constantly check and update their social media is that there surely is no obvious or immediate downside to it – aside from being fully a huge drain on the user’s time.

Contact Brad Lonergan (Financial Planner) for more information about how to deal with the Financial aspect of Time Management and Social Media Addiction for Newcastle residents. 
Call 0423 621 120 or email

9 Tips To Break Social Media Addiction – Improve Time Management – Financial Advice Newcastle

Music Promotion Tips For Rappers In 2016 (Real Life Examples + Advice)

Music Promotion Tips For Rappers In 2016 (Real Life Examples + Advice)

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Instagram for Business: How to Build an Audience of Followers for Your Brand

Instagram for Business: How to Build an Audience of Followers for Your Brand

Shopify Ecommerce University »
Did you know that instagram can be a highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your brand? In fact, a recent study found that instagram provides brands with 25% more engagement over other social media platforms.

So how can you use instagram to build an audience of customers for your business?

Video Highlights:
0:35 1. Use The Right Hashtags
2:59 2. Steal Your Competitors Followers
3:55 3. Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews

Linked Materials:

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Time Management Tips To Increase Productivity

Time Management Tips To Increase Productivity


Is what you’re doing in your 8 hours a day bringing you closer to the results you want? Getting more work done in less time is an important strategy to get through all the work on your to do list. Being productive allows us to focus on the big picture and get to the next step faster.

Let’s talk about how you can optimize your work time!

Shout out to Megan Minns who taught me about the Pomodoro technique! Her channel is amazing:

I talk about the Pomodoro Technique, The 8-8-8 rule, The Pareto Principle, The Parkinsons Law and more!

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The Future of Social Media Marketing w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

The Future of Social Media Marketing w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

C’mon over to where the main discussion happens after the episode!

Social media marketing is fast evolving and many people just aren’t using it correctly. In this video, you’ll learn some of the biggest mistakes you’re making in social media marketing and how to fix them in my interview with author Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary’s new book, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, is a blueprint for excelling at your social media marketing. He suggest “jabbing” your customers constantly. In other words, give them value all the time. The right hook is when you ask people to buy from you — but you should be jabbing more often than asking.

Gary explains how most people don’t put enough effort into their jabs. Many people strategize their right hooks (or what they ask of their customers), but not many people think enough about the jabs. To excel at social media marketing, you have to put much of your effort into the jabs. Think about how you can provide incredible value and deliver it before ever asking for anything.

Most people also ignore the context of each social media platform. Content may be king, but context is even more important. Gary recommends learning exactly what type of content is “native” to each site. He explains that beautiful images and infographics do well on Pinterest, quote cards do well on Facebook, animated GIFS do well on Tumblr, and humor does well on Twitter.

To elevate your social media marketing, think about how your content will perform on each platform you’ll put it on, and make sure you’re always sharing valuable, native content.

Great social media marketing also involves listening to your audience — even the haters. People just want to be heard. They also want to see that there’s some effort being invested towards them from your end. Care about your people with your social media marketing and they’ll care about you.

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Thanks for watching!

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Prescott Social Media Management tips from iPrescott Business Solutions

Prescott Social Media Management tips from iPrescott Business Solutions

This week iPrescott Business Solutions in Prescott gives helpful tips on what not to post to your Social Media accounts.

Social media is a wonderful tool when applied with the 80/20 rule. This means 80% of your posts should bring enjoyment and or information and the remainder of your post, the other 20%, should be about your business. Following this rule is a huge step to obtaining and retaining potential customers.

Social media can really help your business grow and we hope that some of these tips can help you avoid some of the pits businesses fall into when making posts. Need more advice? Contact us today and see how we can help you. Call 928-642-4048 or visit us at for more information.

Need some social media management tips? iPrescott Business Solutions offers some advice!

Need some social media management tips? iPrescott Business Solutions offers some advice!

Social media is a wonderful tool to build your business when done correctly. There are many things you can do to increase the effectiveness of connecting with your fans on Facebook. Here we share a few…

Social media can really help your business grow and we hope some of these tips can help your business grow. Need more advice? Contact us today and see how we can help you. Call 928-642-4048 or visit us at for more information.

Competitors? Stand Out from Them with These 5 Tips! | Competitors | ReachLocal

Competitors? Stand Out from Them with These 5 Tips! | Competitors | ReachLocal

Competitors got you down? In this video from ReachLocal, we outline five ways you can stand out from your competitors online.

ReachSEO, ReachLocal’s SEO solution, ReachCast, our social media management solution, and ReachEdge, our lead management solution, can help you get in front of consumers on top search engines and social media sites and can help you manage leads from these sources. Learn more about our digital marketing solutions here:

ReachLocal provides digital marketing solutions to help local businesses stand apart from their competitors online.

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Facebook Marketing Tips 2016 | 1 Secret but Powerful Facebook Marketing Tip

Facebook Marketing Tips 2016 | 1 Secret but Powerful Facebook Marketing Tip

Watch these Facebook Marketing Tips 2016. This Facebook Marketing Secret is very powerful and can help engagement go through the roof on the Facebook Posts that you use it on.

In this video, Billy Funk aka The Extreme Networker, shows how to draw people who like your post back to the post and make a comment. Since Facebook’s Algorithm involves Facebook Edge Rank, we know that every LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE of a post increases the amount of people who will see the post.

So when you use this Facebook Marketing Tip you will be commenting on your own post which will increase the edge rank for that post and essentially increase the audience that Facebook shows your post to.

On top of that, when you comment and tag every one of your Facebook Friends who liked your post but didn’t comment you are pulling them back to your post and a percentage of those tagged will engage and respond with a comment themselves.

Which ultimately will rack up more points with Facebook Edge Rank and the facebook algorithm which will give you more views on that image, text or video you posted on your Facebook Timeline.

This is one of many Facebook Marketing Secrets that most people don’t know about.

It’s still 2015 and you can use this Facebook strategy right now. I encourage you to use these Facebook Marketing Tips in 2016 as well. The year 2016 will be interesting for Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks moving forward as Facebook will introduce some form of Video Marketing Ads on their Native Video Platform.

This is a great strategy to use for someone looking how to market on Facebook 2016 or any year for that matter!

Will there be more Facebook Marketing Tips, Tricks and Secrets for 2016 from this channel? Absolutely! I am committed to bringing as much value to my audience as possible and as many Video Marketing and Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks videos that I can produce.

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Facebook Marketing Tips 2016

Best Facebook Marketing Tutorial Ever for 2017!

Best Facebook Marketing Tutorial Ever for 2017!

Watch this free Facebook marketing class for 2017 to see the best of what works for me on Facebook with 2+ million page likes and 600,000+ free organic post reach each week at Take the full class free at Help me reach 250,000 YouTube subscribers at

Click the time points below to skip around in this Facebook marketing tutorial for beginners created on November 20, 2016 and optimized for use through 2017! If you are an entrepreneur online hoping to use Facebook for business to increase sales with your Ecommerce website or professional growth program to advance your career, I think you will love this video! Watch this FB video course at

1:36 The class begins with what I think is the best Facebook marketing strategy for 2017 by using live video in the publishing tools on a Facebook page or personal profile. You will get 20+ free tips and tricks for marketing on Facebook that I think you will love in this video!

8:15 If you are not able or interested in making live video on Facebook, the next best Facebook marketing method is building deeper relationships with existing friends and new friends using a Facebook profile.

20:00 Watch as I demonstrate my Facebook messenger strategy to promote my podcast free to my most active Facebook friends. Look inside the exact message I send and see how I suggest adapting it to get clients for social media marketing the way I did to recruit hundreds of clients worldwide to hire me for help with Facebook advertising.

42:06 In less than 5 minutes from when I start sending the messages, watch as people I have not spoken with in months or even ever instantly respond with a promise to try my new podcast.

44:11 Learn how Facebook groups are the best way to use a Facebook profile to do both networking and learning as a part of niche communities.

57:40 Hear the story of how as a member of the Udemy studio Facebook group I learned from instructors making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Udemy and copied their exact strategies all the way to the point of mysteriously leaving Udemy as they did. For organic post reach, Facebook groups are the easiest way to make what you share arrive in the newsfeed of other people for free.

1:12:15 Want to see the insides of marketing a Facebook page to get the most free post reach? Start with a look at what works best for me in marketing my Facebook page.

1:22:01 Continue with this Facebook page insights tutorial looking at how I am getting organic post reach from 500,000+ people in the USA each month that have never liked my page!

1:31:39 Get a look at how I create my page posts both simply and for maximum impact with just using a few words and links.

1:43:03 Analyze how I make a quick Facebook profile photo for my page with my face and then discover my philosophy for creating an ideal Facebook cover photo with a size of 828 by 315 pixels currently.

1:52:14 This graphic design tutorial at the end will show you how I use as listed in my page to quickly use stock photos to make a Facebook page cover photo that highlights when I am live and where to find me!

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Top 6 Social Media Tips For Maximum Marketing Impact

Top 6 Social Media Tips For Maximum Marketing Impact

Social media tip 1:

Let your audience create your content. In other words, invite your fans and followers to create and publish content relevant to your brand. A company that runs successful social media campaigns is Maersk.
Although this company could have done what most companies do when it comes to publishing post, and focused on posting company-related updates, instead, most of their content is created by their audience members. Maersk invites their fans and followers to take pictures of Maersk ships and containers when they spot them and publish them on social media. Maersk then shares the content published by their audience.

Social media tip 2:

Find your own social media voice. Creating a strong consistent voice on social media is the key to standing out. Your social media voice could be anything from fun, creative, educational, etc… but to find out what voice is best for your brand you need to first think of your business values. What makes you unique and what your brand stands for. For example, your brand could stand against the exploitation of animals, in that case, you could develop a voice that’s passionate and empathetic. Then, think of the audience you attract and look at how they communicate to come up with social media ideas for your brand. Are they formal? Are they informal? Do they enjoy humour? When you align your voice to your values and your audience’s way of communicating, you will develop your own, consistent voice on social media.

Social media tip 3:

Tell stories. A fantastic way to come up with social media ideas and stand out is by sharing behind-the-scenes stories about management, employees and customers. By doing so, not only do you humanize your brand and make an emotional connection with your audience, you also remain original as every story is unique. The charity organization Make-A-Wish foundation for example, display pictures and videos of people granting wishes to children. To come up with social media ideas for stories to share on social media, think of the benefit of your product or service, the end result of using your product or service.

Social media tip 4:

Become a thought leader on issues that are important to your target audience. Should your brand stand for something bigger, then make sure your social media posts are an opportunity to raise people’s awareness for world issues. The brand H&M has run very successful social media campaigns to support sustainable fashion, the ethical production of clothes and uses social media to underline the importance of eco-friendly fashion. The hashtag used by H&M to publish content related to the creation of sustainable fashion was #hmconscious which allowed them to become thought leaders in eco-friendly fashion industry.

Social media tip 5:

Be endorsed by social media influencers. Social influencers are usually: Self-made internet stars, Well-known in their industry, Have high engagement levels on social networks, Have authority and credibility in their industry Have large and specific audiences. What this means, is that by getting social media influencers to share your content with their audience, you can leverage their high levels of reach and engagement and therefore stand out on social media instantly. Many brands use social media influencers, such as the makeup brand L’oreal who uses online beauty bloggers to review their products and endorse them. To identify and reach out to online influencers relevant to your industry, you can start by performing a simple Google search. You could look for bloggers for example who publish content relevant to your industry. Then, explore the person’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Should their audience size, video views and engagement rate be much higher than the average audience size of social media users in your industry, you could consider partnering with them to endorse your products.

Social media tip 6:

Comment on trending topics. In order to stand out even further on social media, take advantage of trending topics. Trending topics are listed on most social networks, and are subjects that experience a surge in popularity on social media for a limited amount of time. When you join conversations on trending topics, you’ll increase your reach and engagement considerably as most social media users will be looking for conversations and content related to trending topics. American airlines for example, joined the conversations happening on social media around marriage equality when the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. That day, marriage equality became a trending topic and the hashtag #marriageequality was also used extensively.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video on the top 6 social media tips for maximum marketing impact. Remember to leave a comment below and subscribe to our channel to receive the latest social media tips straight to your inbox.

How To Deal With Haters & Negative Comments On Social Media

How To Deal With Haters & Negative Comments On Social Media

Free Download: Handling The Haters: How To Manage Negative PR On Social Media

Free Download: The Formula To Craft A Powerful Social Media Voice

What do you do when negative comments start popping up on your social media?

Do you:
Delete it?
Ignore it?
Address it?

In today’s video we review the options in how to handle the haters on social media, and take a look at how Wendy’s responded to a hater with humour and it actually resulted in media buzz and free publicity!

A one-size fits all response does not work when handling negative social media comments. In this video I also give you tips on how to craft your responses.

Bonus tip: I also show you how you can hide comments instead of deleting them so that only you, the hater, and people on their friends list can see the comment instead of all of the followers on your page.

Bashers can become your fans when you address their concerns head on.

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