LinkedIn Interview with Lennart Sloof: Social Media Manager for Deloitte in the Netherlands

LinkedIn Interview with Lennart Sloof: Social Media Manager for Deloitte in the Netherlands

For more Human Resources and Recruiting Tips using LinkedIn:

– Recruitment is now online marketing plus relationship management
– Online changes everything we know
– Social media empowers your ability to educate others

Biggest Mistakes
– Not being proactive (if you build it they will not necessarily come)
– iPhone app was a flop (too early)

Successes with LinkedIn
– Separate recruitment website – optimized for search engines
– Supported by social media channels
– Spread evidence of Deloitte being a great company to work for
– All content cross-linked
– High use of video from employees
– Educate recruiters and hiring managers
– Engage the entire organization to become ambassadors
– Reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire

How to get Started with LinkedIn:
– Embrace the possibilities
– Lead by example and compose a great LinkedIn profile
– Measure everything you do online
– Train people internally on social media
– Decide on an internal social media strategy – get help where possible

Top Three Tips for using Social Media
1. Recruitment is a common effort – get everyone talking
2. Train everyone on the power of social media
3. Just do it – get out there and interact (not just broadcast)

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